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Bookings  Re-Open Before Term Break

Getting you ready for High School through our

Stage 3 Workshops

We extend descriptive Stage 2 content and skill by adding a layer of complexity to the work and distinctive ideas presented, discussed and communicated by students, in line with what schools want at this level.

These workshops give students the skills they need to consolidate their previous learning, setting them up for a strong start to high school.

Mechanics of Print

No matter the potential or amazing ideas, marks are missed because of technicalities around the most boring aspects of writing, which is the biggest thing holding students back!

Our Mechanics of Print workshop covers punctuation and grammar to tackle the basic building blocks of writing. We'll show you how to get results and, most importantly, how to transfer them across your subjects without the need for expensive booklets and add-on purchases.

Creative Writing

This workshop is for students who need to develop their logical reasoning, recognise how we infer cause and effect, identify advanced techniques in presented texts and apply it to their own creative writing!

Students in this workshop will cover curriculum-specific content and learn to:

  • Recognise and use direct and indirect characterisation.

  • Use punctuation to develop tone.

  • Recognise the role and impact of emotions associated with and arising from experiences. 

  • Represent the theme of appearance vs reality. 

Informative Writing

Schools always overcomplicate essay and short answer writing, with students not understanding why the structure they've copied works. This is wrong, and as a result, students don't realise that they naturally use these key structures already! 

This workshop is for students who need to target short answer questions and understand how PEEL paragraphs change based on the subject module concerns. We ensure students know what to look for and how to frame and communicate it!

In stage 3, our students prepare conceptually for stage 4 content according to maturity level using Ask EASt exclusive Real World Packages examining conflict. 

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