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Bookings  Re-Open Before Term Break

Unlocking academic resistance by setting strong foundations

Stage 2 Workshops

Setting strong future foundations today, enhancing vocabulary while developing logical, creative and mathematical reasoning!

Mechanics of Print

Grammar and punctuation are the basic building blocks of writing, and many don't realise that Stage 2 causes the greatest havoc in Stage 5.


Stage 2 develops practical aspects of writing, while maturity and exposure to different aspects of life contribute to creative and reflective thinking; Stage 2 is when students solidify their understanding of base sentence structures and pave the way for all their future writing as they grow into who they are!


While the mechanics apply to all stages, how they're used is different!

  • Use and recognise Independent, Dependent and Subordinate Clauses.

  • Use and recognise Declarative, Imperative, Exclamatory and Interrogative Clauses that are slated toward creative, informative and persuasive writing.

  • Use and recognise Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences.

  • Use and recognise Key Comma Rules.

  • Recognise and correct appropriate Run-on Sentences and Fragment errors.

Creative Writing

Don't let your stories remain trapped within you any longer. This Creative Writing workshop covers techniques to craft powerful stories, whilst also learning skills which can improve social interactions, help to express ideas, and develop a deeper understanding of the many characters around us.


Inferencing skills of cause and effect allow students to write creatively as their texts, ideas, and tasks increase in complexity. Exposure to interesting material develops maturity as students navigate concepts and experiences around feelings and shades of meaning. 


If students in Stage 5 receive feedback about "show, don't tell", their writing gaps started in Stage 2. You cannot inspire a love for the written word and teach logical reasoning and common sense through boring, recycled booklets. We use proven and tested templates to build stories from the basic elements into complex imagery and rich characterisation.

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