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Beating High School through our

Stage 4 & 5 Workshops

Elevate your child's learning with our Stage four and five workshops and ensure they profit beyond the academic realm. 


These workshops challenge students with advanced content, fostering critical thinking and creativity. We focus on refining their skills to articulate complex ideas, preparing them for the heightened expectations of the HSC/VCE. Invest in your child's future success with a workshop that not only solidifies their foundation but propels them confidently into the challenges of advanced education.

Mechanics of Print

No matter the potential or amazing ideas, marks are missed because of technicalities around the most boring aspects of writing, which is the biggest thing holding students back!

Our Mechanics of Print workshop covers punctuation and grammar and aims to tackle the basic building blocks of writing and show you how to get the results and, most importantly, how to transfer them across your subjects without the need for expensive booklets and add-on purchases.

Creative Writing

This workshop develops and extends logical reasoning and students' ability to recognise how we infer cause and effect so they can apply it to imaginative writing.

Students in this workshop will produce a creative paragraph that either builds tension, provides indirect characterisation, or develops a particular setting that reveals something hidden. 

Informative Writing

This workshop targets short answer questions and understanding how PEEL paragraphs change based on the subject module concerns. We ensure students know what to look for and how to frame and communicate it!

In stage 4, our students target the Nature of Conflict and Poetry through Music. By examining music by Cypress Hill, this workshop covers any text about rising above our circumstances and breaking conventions to grow and succeed. 

In stage 5, our students target Power Dynamics within Conflict through poetry and music like NP, Eminem or iPrevail! 

Students will learn and produce an annotated song and response to a typical school assessment question that covers spoken, written and visual forms. Students are expected to reference context and analyse character and conflict through the theme of appearance vs reality.

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