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Vulnerable youth

We believe that every troubled youth has the potential to thrive and succeed with the right guidance and support. We understand the challenges that today's youth face and we are dedicated to helping them navigate complexities to make positive life choices.

We're more than mentors; we're a lifeline for troubled teens and families. If you're dealing with a teen navigating self-discovery and academics, book a free consultation. and we'll call you.

Caseworkers must contact us directly for EASt ARM's ACA support, as our public EASt ARM service is a diluted version of our Immediate Impact Program initiative designed for social welfare systems.

Our Program

Delivered by qualified professionals

We focus on:

  1. Building Trust: We create a safe and supportive environment where teenagers can open up and share their thoughts and feelings without judgment.

  2. Academic Support: We provide academic assistance to ensure that teenagers stay on track with their education, using tutoring as a mechanism to deliver mentoring.

  3. Personalised Guidance: Our mentors work closely with each teenager to identify their strengths, interests, and goals, and then create a personalised plan to help them achieve success.

  4. Life Skills: We equip our teenagers with essential life skills, from effective communication and decision-making to conflict resolution and emotional regulation.

  5. Community Engagement: We encourage our teenagers to engage positively with their communities, promoting a sense of belonging and responsibility.

  6. Family Involvement: We work collaboratively with families to strengthen relationships and create a support system that fosters growth and healing.

  7. Social Services: We work with social service and welfare organisations. Our partnership with Maple Youth Services allows us to effect real change in the community. 

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